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Tongue & Groove Night...

2420 Piedmont Road
Tongue & Groove might be the one Atlanta nightclub with no expiration date. This fixture of Big A nightlife, named for the point where wooden planks connect, caters to a broadly mixed crowd of young professionals, high rollers, girls gone wild, veteran clubbers, tourists and celebs. The club has successfully relocated to the heart of Lindbergh City Center and virtually reinvented itself. The pulse of the nightclub is pretty much anything goes: if you want to dance, you dance; if you want to stand around and look fashionable, you can do that too. When the place is in full-blown party mode, the place epitomizes a sexy discotheque worthy of representing the best of what the A T L has to offer. While T&G is a medium-sized commercial, high-profile dance club, it has a decidedly democratic, unprententious vibe. There are decent drinks in glasses, and a line out front, but the club doesn not define itself by $900 bottles of Dom Perignon and a bitchy door policy.

404-261-2325 Website

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